GlassPass App Updates 07/03/2023

GlassPass Updates as of July 3rd, 2023

More progress on the transaction redesign this week, finally getting close to being able to test! Almost done with foundations, already started building components, now we're building full screens. Testing hopefully will begin towards the end of July. We also made some impactful improvements to fundamental features (messaging, search, browsing) that will improve the general experience. Below are the updates:

  • Fixed timestamps in messages to display correct time and date.
  • Increased number of Users that are shown when searching from 3 to 10. This will make it much easier to find a specific user. Also tweaked the search algorithm slightly.
    • Short-term: Will continue to improve algorithm and results display
    • Long-term: Full redesign of search screen, algorithm, and categorization of results  
  • Starting to build full screens with completed components for new transaction systems. Designs are continuously updating. Testing is expected to start in 3 weeks.
  • Android update pushed with fix for Sharing a Listing to IG Stories.
  • Fixed a bug with older iPhones with smaller screens where the top text entry boxes were cut off on the phone number verification page. All text entry fields are now visible.  

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