GlassPass App Updates 07/17/2023

GlassPass Updates as of July 17th, 2023

We have some big news this week! 4th of July we didn't have much to share, and this weekend Riley was saying goodbye to the Dead & Company, so we missed a couple updates. Our amazing developers got some great additions in during the last couple weeks though! 

We've brought on a new Senior Developer named Christian, who was a good friend of Ben (our CTO) in college. Christian is super talented and very well versed in our tech stack, meaning he's been able to get up-to-speed insanely fast. He's already fixed and pushed a few bugs! Expect faster updates and features thanks to Christian... we're hyped to have him on board! 

Here's what the team has accomplished as of July 17th: 

New Features

  • Changed default review status for a purchase from Negative to Positive. Buyers previously had "negative" as the default selection out of Negative, Neutral, and Positive. This caused a lot of accidental negative reviews.
    • In the future, we're switching to a 5-star-based review system, which includes written reviews & the ability for all users to view individual reviews per transaction. This is currently in progress.
  • Better user search: increased number of results from 3 to 10 when searching for a user. 
    • This week, we're working on improving the algorithm to provide better results based on your interests, popular searches, and relevant tags. This will also reduce our server costs, allowing for more data-heavy features in the near future. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a delay when Liking a post to respond immediately. The animation and number of likes should update properly now.  
  • Fixed formatting on Shipping Guidelines webpage. All other policy pages lost their formatting, so we'll be updating those too. 
  • Auctions. We're working on revamping the entire auction process, including layout, display, functionality, payments, searchability, etc. Almost every part of the auction system is being revamped and improved, one step at a time.
  • Christian is working on improving payout/payment method default selection to be more user friendly and clear. 
Future Plans
We're working on a full Transaction Flow Redesign. This will add multiple new features & fix many bugs. While this is in progress, we'll continue to improve the current transaction process. However, this new Transaction System will make sales faster & easier for both buyers & sellers, improve the clarity of future steps, details, and requirements for transactions. All steps and info will be clearer and easier to find for both buyers & sellers. There's too many improvements, new features, and bug fixes that this transaction revamp solves to list. You're gonna love it!