GlassPass App Updates 07/24/2023

GlassPass Updates as of July 24th, 2023

This week we squashed some bugs and continued making progress on the transaction refactor. Nothing too major, just ironing out the kinks!

Here's what the team got done: 

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed formatting on all other policy pages and various pages on the landing page of, thank you Zack! 
    • Fixed a bug that said "User not found" when loading a profile that wasn't cached. Now, there's a proper loading animation. Thank you Christian! 
    • Cleaned up auctions that ended but didn't meet reserve by removing the Pay Now button that did nothing. Working on making the Reserve status more visible during an auction as well. 

    We hope you have a great end to your July! See ya next week. 

    Much love!