GlassPass App Updates 08/14/2023

GlassPass Updates as of August 14th, 2023

The first couple of weeks in August were full of some pretty big internal changes for us, in a good way! I was busy with back-to-back sesh events in Chicago & Denver while our development team underwent a re-organization. We're in the middle of transitioning from our amazing team of international guys we worked with for 3 years to a full in-house dev team. 

We didn't get too many front-facing changes out for y'all these last few weeks since we've been planning the next month. We're hoping to have some of the first transaction redesign screens ready to test in the next few weeks! As always, we did our best to address some of the pressing issues as seen below.

Here's what the team got done: 

New Features

  • Added "Origin" tag to allow users to filter the explore page based on where the piece was made. Currently there's only "American" or "Imported," but we're adding more specific countries and a moderation system. 
  • Added a tappable link to the Announcement Banner in-app

    Bug Fixes

    • Diagnosed and implemented fix for random "white screen" showing for certain users.  
    • Tweaked post search algorithm a bit, going to be experimenting more. 

    Future Plans

    • Adding ability to see & change email address & phone number without contacting Support. 
    • Adding better search algorithm
    • Adding more countries and better moderation for Origin filter
    • Full speed ahead on transaction redesign!
    • Looking for new beta users :) 


    Much love fam!