GlassPass Major 2024 Update: New Features & Complete Redesign

We’re just days away from the launch our biggest update ever on GlassPass, packed with literally countless features that y'all have requested over the last year. Most importantly, there's some vast improvements that will change the way sales are made and how transactions work.

NOTEWhen we release the new update, all outdated versions will not work. You NEED to update your GlassPass app to use it. GlassPass will be down for a few hours beginning Wednesday Jan 10th at ~6am PST while the update is pushed to the App Store(s). DOWNLOAD HERE!

When y'all talk, we listen. We've heard every piece of feedback you've given us over the last year: this update has hundreds of them. We added new types of listings, an improved payout system, dashboards for all of your orders, and revamped the buying & selling experience based on your suggestions.

Beyond just new features, we've rebuilt our foundation and will be able to build in your requests faster than ever.

Major Features, Changes, and Updates

The entire buying and selling experience on GlassPass has been updated: from making a post all the way to getting paid. 

  • Purchase items with just 1 tap, directly from the feed, with Buy it Now.
  • Don't waste time with flakes: all offers & bids are now binding, meaning the buyer automatically pay when an offer is accepted or an auction is won.
  • Find any current or historical sales with the Buyer & Seller Dashboards: all orders all in one place, both current and historical.
  • Never lose any info with our new "Order Screen" that displays all details for a transaction in one place: next steps, shipping details, payment & payout statuses, and more. 
  • Getting paid out, confirming an order, and leaving a written review all have been simplified and are easy to do. Written reviews are anonymous too!
  • No more flakes: Binding offers & bids are here
Everything is updated, with more to come soon. Below are some of the biggest new features:

Binding Offers & Bids + Counter Offers

By making an offer on a listing or placing a bid on an auction, the buyer must be ready to pay. Binding Offers & Bids allow Sellers to ship faster and reduce flakes from bogus offers.

Before making an offer or placing a bid, a payment method and shipping address must be entered. The full price including shipping, taxes, and fees is displayed, so the buyer can see the total amount before submitting the offer or bid. 

After making an offer, the buyer can cancel anytime within 24 hours before the seller accepts. An offer expires after 24 hours. This means the seller has 24 hours to accept the offer, or send a counter offer. If the seller accepts an offer, the buyer’s payment method is automatically charged. 

Counter Offers allow Buyers & Sellers to send offers back and forth until a desired price is agreed upon. If a buyer accepts a seller's counter-offer, they will be charged automatically as mentioned above; same with if a seller accepts a buyer's counter-offer to the seller's counter-offer, the card will be charged automatically to prevent any delays in payment. 

After placing a bid, the buyer cannot cancel or remove a bid. If a bid is higher than the reserve price, the buyer will win the auction if their bid is the highest at the end of the duration. If the buyer wins the auction, the payment method is automatically charged. If they lose, no payment is required and no charges or holds are made on the card.

If a buyer’s payment is declined or fails, the buyer has 24 hours to pay with a different card, fix the issue with the current card, or the transaction is canceled. This is marked as a ‘flake’ and is recorded on buyer account history, and are grounds for disciplinary action on the buyer’s account. 

“Buy It Now” on Listings & Auctions

Sellers now have the ability to set 'Buy It Now' (BIN) pricing on all listings, including auctions! Sellers can choose to allow Offers, only BIN, or both. Auctions can have a BIN price that allows a buyer to purchase the item at a set price, ending the auction. 

Buyer & Seller Dashboards 

The Activity button has been replaced with an Orders button, leading you to the new Buyer & Seller Dashboards. All of your offers, bids, purchases, and history, including your messages and activity notifications are shown in one place. Welcome to better order management!

The dashboards have tiles that are categorized by order status. Each tile shows a notification if there’s an order in that status that needs attention. By tapping on a tile, you can see any order in that status, and tap on the order to see more details. 

New Transaction Process Screens

Order screens are no longer embedded within user’s messages. There’s now a dedicated order screen after an offer or purchase is made on a listing. It displays all the information needed: post details, buyer/seller info, purchase amounts, fees, statuses, payouts, disputes, messages, and help buttons all in one screen. Status bubbles display the current state of the order, detailing next steps for both parties, past actions, and ongoing processes.

Auto-Payouts to your Wallet (via "Dots")

Payouts are now truly automatic and combined with a wallet, thanks to our new payout provider Dots! After years of having a human sending every payout, we’ve finally upgraded to an automated system. 

When a transaction clears the payout is immediately added to your Dots Wallet balance, and you get a notification & text message that it’s ready for cashout. You can cash out your Wallet balance at any time with a variety of different payout methods using Dots' modern payout system. 

Streamlined Messages

Messages are now combined into one thread with another user, instead of having multiple different threads. At the top of the messages, there will be a collapsible display that shows any orders you have in progress or completed with that user. Order details such as tracking info, offer amounts, etc. are no longer shown in the messages with another user – that’s what the order screen is for. 

Written Reviews

We’ve finally added the ability to leave written reviews to a seller after a transaction! Buyers can only leave a review after a transaction is complete. There’s a 1 to 5 star rating scale, and an optional comment section. Any written reviews are shown in a list on a Seller’s profile by tapping on their rating, so other users can read anything a previous buyer wrote. Reviews can only be left by buyers that have completed a transaction through GlassPass with the seller – reviews can’t be added without a sale. 

We’ve spent over a year and a half working on this new redesign, and we’re so excited to hear your feedback. These new screens allow us so much more freedom to build more in the future. Our development speed will be faster, designs better, and process clearer. So many of the frequently asked questions and requests from you all are answered with this update. Soon, it’ll feel like this update is normal, and that means we did our job. The biggest structures require a foundation of strong cement to survive, and that’s what we’ve built with this update. Let us know your thoughts! 

Download the new GlassPass update here!   

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