GlassPass Updates from February 2024

It's been a while since we've had a chance to share a summary of all the changes and fixes we've made! After the major update in early January, we spent the rest of the month and most of February patching holes and adding small new features that you may not have noticed. There's been so many it's hard to track, but here's a summary since the big update in January:

New Features

  • Quantity on Listings: Sellers can choose to enter a quantity on Offer & BIN posts.
    • Listings with a Quantity will stay active until the quantity reaches zero, so you don't need to repost the same item every time it sells.
    • Additionally, listings with a quantity will automatically bump back to the top of the feed if one is sold. 
    • Soon, we'll add ability for buyers to purchase multiple items or quantities at once.
  • Added Lightning Bolt icon on explore page for BIN posts.
  • Added "Artist" quick-filter on explore page that only shows listings from users with Glassblower account type.
    • More to come with differentiating user types. 
  • Improved loading time of photos by a lot. Feed and explore page load much faster. 
    • This also the foundation for videos in the future.
  • Added new "Verified" checkmark badge to show that an account has been verified by GlassPass. This badge is only for well-known artists in the community, GlassPass staff, or other prominent figures.
    • Verified Badges are only given to users by GlassPass at our discretion – there is no application or request form yet.
    • Trusted Seller is still reserved only for Sellers with 10+ successful sales via application. 
  • Added Copy/Paste to shipping address from the Order Screen for easier accessibility when selling
  • Increased the Seller Shipping Period to 5 business days instead of 3 business days. Buyers can request a refund for any item that hasn't been shipped after 5 business days.
  • Search Algorithm Improvements when both typing words or using filters. Old posts from years ago will no longer show up when searching with words or using filters. We've tweaked the algorithm to prioritize new posts that match the query. We strongly recommend all sellers use as many accurate tags and words as possible when making a post!

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolution of a bug that affected tag entry on create/edit post forms
    • Adjustment in the display of sold tags on posts with long titles
    • Fixed issue with Auction notifications
    • Fixed issue with counter offers
    • Fixed issue with rounding on Total Income tile on dashboard screen
    • Change "Manage Payout Methods" in settings to "Manage Dots Account"
    • Shipping deadline now takes federal holidays into consideration
    • Tweaked search algorithm to prioritize recent posts when searching with words and when using filtered tags. More tweaks to come
    • Fixed Mark as Unsold not working
    • Fixed videos in chat not working
    • Fixed issue when opening random posts on a user's profile that caused the app to reload
    • Added password verification to delete account
    • Adding confirmation pop up to Request Refund button
    • Fixed issue with linking Chase bank accounts to Dots

    Coming (relatively) Soon

    • Profile redesign, including new user-type features
    • Website, fully functioning
    • Redesigned Search, Feeds, and Browsing Experience
    • and so much more...

    We have an insane amount of new features planned for the rest of 2024. Our big January update allows us to build new features multiple times faster than we have in the past. By the end of the year, every feature y'all have ever asked for will hopefully exist. Keep the feedback & suggestions coming! 

    Head to the main GlassPass website here, or Download the app here!