How to Grow Your Profile & Sales on GlassPass

Starting a new account on any social media app can be intimidating. It's difficult to figure out how to grow your followers and reach without knowing the ropes. At GlassPass, we want to change that. This guide will give you a few tips on how to start building your brand on the GlassPass app. A better profile means more sales!

Buyers feel safer when purchasing from sellers with active profiles. It's important to make your profile stand out and immediately appear legitimate to any potential buyers. This guide will go over a few of the best ways to do this.

Step 1: Setup your Profile

  • Choose a username that is the same as (or similar to) other platforms. This will make it easier for users to find your account. 
  • Have a profile picture that is unique and reflects your brand. Using the same picture from other social media platforms is recommended for brand continuity!
  • Fill out your bio with a little bit about you. Keep it short and concise! If you don't have any sales on GlassPass yet, it's helpful to mention your experience in the community. 
  • Make a few "Not for Sale" posts of pieces in your collection. This shows buyers you have a passion for glass and gives them something to look at if you don't have anything for sale yet. 

Step 2: Gaining Followers

  • Follow as many accounts as you can. When scrolling through the Home feed, there is a Follow button on each post to make it easy. Users that follow the most people tend to have the highest follower counts. Most people will follow you back
  • Post multiple times per day, every day. Even if it's not something for sale, users will always be seeing your work and username in the feed, leading to strong recognition. There's multiple examples of artists with < 5,000 IG followers becoming the most popular sellers on the app, just through consistency
  • Share your GlassPass profile link on your other social media platforms, and let your followers know you joined so they can follow you
  • Engage with other users in the comments and DMs!

Step 3: Become a Trusted Seller

  • Once you hit 10 successful sales, you're eligible to apply for Trusted Seller status.
  • Trusted Sellers have a special badge, and get paid earlier than normal users. Once the item is dropped off to the post office, Trusted Sellers get paid.
  • In the future, we'll be adding exclusive rewards and discounts based on your number of sales!

Step 4: Get Involved with our Community

  • Join our Discord to meet other fellow glass heads and sesh
  • Attend one of our Sesh Events to meet GlassPassers in person
  • Follow @lifeofbako on IG to see behind the scenes updates and more


We hope this helps get you started on GlassPass, we're so excited to have you here :) 


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