How to Take Good Pictures of Glass

Taking a good picture is one of the most important steps when selling your glass on GlassPass. Photography can make or break a sale – everyone loves a clear picture that properly captures a piece. It’s important to keep in mind the main four elements of a good photo: lighting, camera settings, backgrounds, and editing.


When setting up your piece, there are a few things to remember to achieve the best lighting:

  1. Make sure your light source is behind your camera. This way, it shines directly onto the piece. If you have two sources of lighting, place them on the sides of the camera. 
  2. Your light should be bright, but not too bright. Light that is too bright may wash out the image, while the proper brightness will highlight the color and details perfectly. When possible, use a white light rather than a yellow-tinted light to capture the true color.
  3. The best light source of all is the sun. Either set up your piece outside, or use sun coming in from your window to shine directly on your piece.

Camera Settings

Your camera settings are a critical part of taking the best picture:

  1. Make sure your phone is at full brightness to properly see the piece and the lighting. 
  2. Turn on the grid on your camera to ensure a level shot. To do this, on iPhone navigate to Settings > Camera > toggle Grid on/off. 
  3. When angling your picture, have the piece level with the camera and directly in the shot. This gives buyers a better picture of the size and detail of the piece.
  4. Turn your exposure down by tapping on the screen and pulling down on the right side of the yellow box (for iPhone). This creates some contrast and makes sure the piece isn’t washed out by the lighting.
  5. Lastly, make sure your piece is in focus. Tap the part of the screen where the piece is and the camera will refocus. 


A good background completes your shot. 

  1. Make sure your background has no clutter. You don’t want to distract from your piece with items in the background that steal the focus. You’d be surprised how many people look at what’s in the background!
  2. A clean and simple background emphasizes the piece. Pick a background that’s one color and that will create a contrast with the piece to help it stand out. If you can’t find a background that’s a single color, you can still make the piece pop by minimizing unnecessary items in the background. 
  3. The brighter, the better. A white or black background is the best to create a clean backdrop for the piece.


To tie everything together, do some quick editing on your image after. This can be done in your Photos app on your iPhone. 

  1. Tune your shadows & black point slightly up or down, allowing the background to get darker. This captures your piece more clearly. 
  2. Turn the saturation up slightly to bring out the true colors more. Even with a proper light source, lighting can often dull the true color of a piece. Turning up the saturation allows you to show the color more accurately.
  3. Crop your image to cut out unnecessary things in the background. GlassPass won’t crop your images to a square – the full size photos are posted!

Now that you’ve learned a few important things to keep in mind when photographing your piece, we’re excited to see your pictures on the app! Play around with a few pieces to get some practice – glass is a beautiful medium to photograph and it makes a huge difference when done properly. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions at 

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