The Best Boxes to Ship Bongs In

The hardest part of shipping out glass is finding a box that is the perfect rectangular dimension. Sometimes you get lucky and have some laying around that fit, but other times you have to run around to all the different shipping stores finding a box that works. We at GlassPass want to make sure you have the best experience possible when shipping your glass. So here is a list of all the places with the best rectangular boxes to ship your glass bongs.

What Size Box Should I Get?

When choosing the right size, we recommend having at least 2 inches from the top and bottom of the piece, and at least 2 inches from all sides of the base when in the box. So if your piece has a 6-inch wide base and is 18", you should get at least a 10-inch wide box that is at least 20" long.

For larger bongs (20"+), you want something that is 30"x15"x15" or in that range.

For medium size bongs (15-20"), you want a box that is 24"x12"x12".

For smaller size bongs, you can use a variety of box sizes as long as there are a few inches of extra space on all sides.


Here are the best & cheapest places to find boxes:


Cheap and huge selection but mostly for bulk orders. One consistent brand. Expect to get 20 boxes. They have great bubble wrap/peanut options.



Cheap and largest selection, but mostly bulk orders. Lots of random brands. Expect to get at least 20 boxes, but for less than $1 per box. Scroll down to look for other sizes.


Expensive, but strong and durable. Convenient if you need a box same day and you have a location near you. I typically go in-store and buy the Letter or File boxes. They have the best shape and are thick. They also have dishware boxes that are strong.

USPS flat rate boxes

Only really good for smaller things like rigs, bowls, ashcatchers, accessories, etc. They can't fit full-size bongs and are not very safe so make sure you package very well. Go to your local USPS Post Office to grab these boxes for free.

UPS and Home Depot also have boxes for sale but I find the above to be the best places.


I hoped this run down helped you find a perfect box to ship! If there's anything you think I should add, email me at!





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