The Full Story of the Sovereignty Fixed 3

Three Years Later... The Story of the Fixed 3

What is the Sovereignty Glass Fixed-3 44mm Bong?

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This article will focus on and answer many questions related to the Sovereignty Fixed 3: is there really only one F3, why isn’t it made anymore, how I acquired it, and most importantly, how does it function? There isn’t much literature about Sovereignty available on the internet, so I’ll be explaining as much as I can about the company, the 44mm bong, and the F3 percolator (aka “perc”), for as wide an audience as possible. 

Before we dive in, you’ll need to know that when I’m referencing a perc, it’s not the kind you swallow; a “perc” (short for “percolator”) is the tubing inside of a bong that diffuses smoke through the water and creates the bubbles and when air is inhaled. Now that you’re all caught up on the lingo, you should probably know a bit about Sovereignty Glass, the company that makes the perc this article is about.

Background on Sovereignty Glass and their Percs

What is Sovereignty Glass?

Sovereignty Glass is a glass company that creates high-end, scientific, yet heady, functional glass, frequently hailed as producing some of the best flower pieces. Created and led by the mysterious “Steve,” Sovereignty has been creating glass art for 15+ years in Southern California. They have a very wide variety of pieces with varying models, percs, colors, and functions, with a ton of accessories to match. Some examples of different models are the 50x5, Pawn, Treecycler, 44mm, Capcycler, and the Pillar… just to name a few. 

Within each model, there’s specific percs that are available and some that aren’t. Every piece can also have a different type of extra modification, such as millies, reduction bands, extra color seals, sandblasting, and more. Collectors love to find unique combinations of their favorite percs and models. Now that you have an overview of Sovereignty, let’s talk about the F3.

What does ‘Fixed 3 Perc’ mean?

The Fixed 3 is the name of the perc, and the model it’s found in is a 44. A 44 is a model from Sovereignty, named for the size of the tubing: 44mm. The word “Fixed” is used to describe a specific type of perc that’s fixed to the joint in an L shape and attached at the bottom-middle of the tube. In simple terms, the Fixed-3 arm (aka F3) is a type of perc found in a 44 by Sovereignty. 

The F3 is a very rare and unique perc, which will never be made again. It’s similar to a Fixed 4, but is clearly different. Even though it only has one less arm than a F4, since the F4 is so popular, the F3 is mysteriously intriguing. Sovereignty rarely introduces new percs, and almost never sells prototypes to the public. Now let’s dive into the juicy details of this tube.

The Fixed-3 44 Lore and Function

The Sovereignty Glass Fixed-3 44 is the most interesting bong I own, even as a clear “production” piece. As one of one, there’s a lot of nuances that make it unique. Most notably, it appears very different from any other production piece Sovereignty has sold to the public. It looks like a prototype that wasn’t supposed to leave the studio. Although it looks funky, the function is more versatile and fun than any other 44 I’ve tried, which makes sense because the F3 perc itself was made by Steve. That’s why it has a handcrafted look: no horn, OG gridding, an interesting 3-prong connection to the base, and a ton of room for the perc to breathe. 

Even as fun as it is to use, the main reason this piece is the most interesting piece I own isn’t because of the material aspects. The best part of the F3 are the countless questions, conversations, curiosities, and even arguments that it sparked. I love to hear everyone’s opinions before trying it, then seeing the look on their face after the first rip. Even as a regular clear 44, it grabs attention from Sov Heads that no other production piece does. Interestingly it was announced very casually, and made for sale through a regular drop rather than an auction or direct sale. 

I purchased the F3 in July 2020 at a shop drop in Hollywood, CA. Now that nearly 4 years have passed, every time I post a picture there’s a flood of questions asking what it is and where it came from. I guess it’s getting to the point where the newer collectors don’t really know the whole story behind it since it’s never been documented in one place.

I’m excited to share that story with you through this blog, so anyone can read it in the future without having to search for the details through social media posts and comments. But first, as I'm sure most of you want to hear about, is the function.

Function Test

It’s quite difficult to describe the unique feel of the F3 without referencing other pieces. Everyone that has tried it has a different description of what it feels similar to. I think this is mainly because just a few millimeters difference in water levels make the rip feel completely different. Overall, the rip is an indescribable combination of airy and choppy, but since it completely changes with different water levels, and it's made by Steve himself, it has its own feel. 

The easiest 44 to compare it to is a F4, but more “random” if that makes sense. F4s have a very consistent pull, but the F3 has a more uncontrolled, unstable pull that's more airy than an F4. With a lot of water, the F3 feels like a flooded F4, but easier to chug. There’s more area for the perc to breathe underneath the F3, with big holes in the bottom of each arm and 2 rows of fat grids on each arm. It provides an interesting combination of airy and easy to pull, but chuggy at the same time. 


When you drop the water levels to just above the grids, or anywhere below the top of the arms, it gives a super airy, very light feel. Some have compared it to a DG stemline or a 3-line, since the grids have such great airflow. However, lower water levels usually make for a harsher rip. Dropping it really low lets you feel the grids, but is a bit more painful. Regardless, it’s really fun to experiment with the various levels and how each one works. It never really feels like it “doesn’t have enough” or “too much” water – all levels feel right, but just very different. It’s the most versatile Sovereignty I’ve personally ever owned. You know it’s good because a few months after getting it, Steve ripped it at the first Sovereignty event in Big Bear, and gave it a big thumbs up of approval. 

Why was the F3 made? Are there others?

The F3 was an experimental 3arm perc Steve made 3 variations of. Two of them were much shorter and smaller, and were placed in mini dub bubs with a 4arm in front and the 3arm in the back. One of them is worked, and the other is clear. They’re both very small and could be considered mini dub bubs.

However, since one of the 3arms was too big to fit nicely in a dub bub, the Sovereignty team decided to throw it into a clear 44 for shits and giggles. That’s where this clear 44 F3 came from: an accident! It’s a Steve-made perc that was too big for a dub bub, so it was put into a team-assembled 44 and somehow ended up going to a drop. So because there’s only one 44, the F3 44 is a 1/1. It’s pretty crazy to think that such a unique piece was sold at a random shop drop!

Just like the physical piece, the way it was sold was very interesting. The following is a narrative from my perspective of how the F3 was released, where it was sold, and how I ended up getting it. I hope you enjoy!

The Full Story of the Fixed 3 Launch: Drama, Drop, and Details

Back to the Start

As soon as the first picture was posted, it was obvious it was something nobody had ever seen before. It was in the middle of a carousel of photos on an Instagram post to promote an upcoming drop at Mike's Smoke Shop, a relatively unknown shop on Hollywood Blvd. Even though the pictures were blurry, and zooming it didn’t help much, you could tell it wasn’t a perc that Sovereignty had released before. At first glance, I assumed it was a fixed 4 with some weird styling, but I love unique pieces and I knew I wanted it. As a F4 enthusiast it would make a perfect addition to my lineup, and I had to try it to see what it was. It didn’t have the signature dome and horn, it looked unsymmetrical, and it was hard to tell what was going on inside that tube. I didn’t know if it was good or bad, everyone just knew it was different. 

Drama Ensues

When the picture was posted, everyone had an opinion to share. The comments immediately flooded with people either loving the innovation, or hating on the L-shaped top of the perc on the inside, since all F4’s have a dome and spike at the top. Some people were saying it was fake, ugly, and wasn’t even supposed to be released, while others were saying it was a new perc that was dropping. Some loved it and praised Sovereignty for adding a new perc for the first time in a while, and others made it very clear they hated it. Nobody knew what it was or why it was in this run-of-the-mill drop, and it was causing a lot of drama for a clear 44. It was a very divisive piece, but that’s what makes great art… right? After a day or so, Steve himself ended up making a Facebook post addressing it because of all the comments. I don’t have the exact post, but he basically explained why it was made. 

Drop Day

After waiting way too long, we were the first in line. When I first saw the piece, I knew right away it was a new perc. It was so new that as I’m checking out, the cashier couldn't find the piece on the price list. I take a look to help, and realize they had it listed as a regular F4 on the price list! That’s when I really realized that this piece I just camped out for was worth the wait. 

After the drop I walked outside with the tube and showed everybody, who were just as blown away as I was. We threw some water in it and everybody ripped it while waiting in line for their turn. It’s really fun to see people’s reactions when they rip it for the first time.

Thank you for reading, and let me know if you have any questions about the Fixed 3 I can answer!

Pictures and Videos of the Sovereignty Glass Fixed 3 arm 44

This Google Drive link has all of the full quality images and videos that I could find in my camera roll. You can find a bunch more on my Instagram @lifeofbako or @glasspass, and on GlassPass.  

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