New GlassPass Referral Program: Give $5, Get $5

We're happy to share that the new Referral System has launched! We want to reward you for telling your friends about GlassPass and be able to give discounts on purchases. With this new system, we're able to create promotion codes for new users, give discounts when friends sign up with a code, and built the foundation for sellers to be able to create their own discounts on listings. 

As of April 2024, these are the features of the Referral System:

  • New users get $5 first purchase over $100 made within first 30 days of signing up when using a referral code.
  • Existing users get $5 when a new user purchases and uses your code
  • All users have a unique referral code available on the Buyer Dashboard or in the Settings
  • New users can enter a referral code any time within first 30 days after sign up to redeem the $5
  • To enter a referral code, you can view your existing codes in the Settings or enter a promo code directly when checking out

We'll be adding more features, places to enter codes and redeem them, and may change up the prices in the future! Let us know what you think. Thank you for using GlassPass!

Head over to the main website here, or download the app here!