GlassPass Updates from April 2024

April 2024 was a very interesting month for both the industry and our team. At the very end of April, the Biden administration announced the DEA will be reclassifying to Schedule 3. It’s not fully legalized yet, but the move has been celebrated by most companies in the industry as a step in the right direction.

For GlassPass, we released a brand new Filtering Experience, a Referral Program, and have a few other exciting projects in the works. We’re really excited to hear your thoughts on the filters, so don't hesitate to share your feedback! We love to hear it. For a full list of everything we did, there’s a bulleted list below.

For May, we have plans to improve bumps & boosts, improve the messaging speed and clean up the interface, and start to redesign the explore page and browsing experience. As always, we keep ourselves flexible if any great ideas pop up, so the timeline might change around a bit but we’ll get there. We appreciate you a ton, and thank you for using GlassPass! 

New Features & Changes
  • Added shorter auction periods: 1 hour, 4, 6, 8, and 12 hours are now options
  • Added American quick filter on explore page
  • Added Promotions field when making a post. Promotions are usually for Holidays
  • New Referral Program
    • New users get $5 first purchase over $100 within first 30 days 
    • All users have a unique referral code available on the Buyer Dashboard or in the Settings 
    • New users can enter a referral code any time within first 30 days after sign up 
  • Added new Origin countries for pieces made in Japan, Canada, and Germany
  • Started new trade middleman program available by direct request only
  • Started international waitlist and signup form to bring GlassPass to other countries
  • New Filter Redesign!
    • New button and icon with number of selected filters
    • New filter modal that slides up from the bottom of the screen
    • Number of posts within each category is displayed next to the filter
    • Added ability to Sort by lowest or highest price & newest or oldest date
    • Added ability to filter with price range via minimum & maximum price
    • Improved results & speed when filtering
    Bug Fixes and Improvements
    • Resolution of a bug that affected tag entry on create/edit post forms
    • Adjustment in the display of sold tags on posts with long titles
    • Fixed issue with Auction notifications
    • Fixed issue with counter offers
    • Fixed issue with rounding on Total Income tile on dashboard screen
    • Change "Manage Payout Methods" in settings to "Manage Dots Account"
    • Shipping deadline now takes federal holidays into consideration
    • Tweaked search algorithm to prioritize recent posts when searching with words and when using filtered tags. More tweaks to come
    • Fixed Mark as Unsold not working
    • Fixed videos in chat not working
    • Fixed issue when opening random posts on a user's profile that caused the app to reload
    • Added password verification to delete account
    • Adding confirmation pop up to Request Refund button
    • Fixed issue with linking Chase bank accounts to Dots
    Coming Soon
    • Improved bumps & boosts
    • Better messaging system
    • Redesigned Explore page and browsing experience
    • V1 of fully functioning website
    • and more!

    Head to the main GlassPass website here, or Download the app here!