Does Instagram Censor Glass Art?

It’s official. Censorship on IG is in full force via AI. They’ve made it abundantly clear they no longer want any of the glass community there. 


It's saddening because this platform that once attributed to the growth of this amazing community of glass artists, creators, entrepreneurs, collectors, and connoisseurs has finally slapped the eviction notice in our faces. We all have an undying love for the art of glassblowing, yet Instagram is single-handedly suppressing our medium of expression.

We’ve all known this censorship is happening, but the wording they used in this screenshot of a violation notice makes it as clear as glass. They have no interest in acknowledging the existence of our community at all. I want my account to grow, but to do so, I have to delete all the memories and content I spent countless hours making. Even if it’s just a fun video with glass on a table in the back, it gets flagged. Even if you don’t post, you are no longer safe. It’s baffling! These are the insane rules they have now:

  1. Any MENTION of the plant, even without pictures of it, will hide your posts.
  2. Any objects related to the use of the plant (aka anything glass), will hide your posts.
  3. Even WORDS (captions, comments, bios) referencing the plant, will hide your posts.
  4. Hashtags, phrases, and bios are all going to be analyzed too.
  5. No humans are involved in the review. ONLY “robots” determine what is acceptable.

This shit is why i started GlassPass… a safe haven free of censorship and tailored to our community. IG banned us years ago from advertising for literally 99 years, just because there was a tube in the corner of the picture. I didn’t want to see this community die from, especially by meta. My team & I will always be doing our very best to continue fostering the art of glass.

I strongly recommend doing a deep dive thru your IG and sanitize it if you want to keep your account. It’s only going to get worse, and is truly a shame it’s come to this. But the good news is, GlassPass will never censor your art & we’ll always be here building & improving 🙏

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